A mission to simplify, aimed at the future, with you in mind. 


Technology moves fast, so do we. Which is why we’ve spent recent months working on updating our service catalogue launched to our people at last’s night’s virtual QB and made available to customers from today.


Our previous service catalogue, with 15 separate strands, had become too complex so some months ago we set about simplifying. Taking a fresh look at the whole technology landscape, not just for now but for the next few years. 


We dropped what didn’t work and focussed attention on what works superbly and considering what will be required in the next 3-5 years. We concentrated on three main themes: cloudedge and service.  These may be separate, but they’re intrinsically linked. 


Cloud has been the growth engine in our business for several years and continues to evolve and develop.


Take a look at the 200+ services available in Azure today and how this is scaling; it’s changing the enterprise technology proposition, for good.  Azure Sentinel, Bastion and Secure Score are addressing the security requirements of a modern, mobile workforce providing a framework and benchmark. AIP, MFA and MDM work seamlessly to protect identity and data in a cloud-focussed world, where cyber risk is increasing massively.


We believe that Edge is going to be transformational. The endpoint today is viewed as a commodity purchase but with remote work now being the norm the endpoint is now where the biggest risk is and it’s where time-critical decisions and analytics will be made in future. Working in tandem with cloud will make edge a different experience in the next few years.


The advent of 5G will revolutionise connectivity and make more things possible at the edge. VR and IoT may still be relatively new technologies but just watch as the number of connected devices rockets from 7 billion now to 21.5 billion by 2025*. As we move towards an augmented world, the edge will no longer be laptops, tablets and smartphones, it will be vehicles, buildings, plant, machinery and possibly even people.


Service underpins everything that we do. The management of cloud and edge in one, comprehensive, proactive and seamless service package is our proposition – 24/7/365, always on, always ready.


Technology moves fast, so do we. So can you. Talk to us.