PHS Group is a leading hygiene services provider in the UK, Spain and Ireland. They have over 120,000 customers across 300,000 locations, meeting the needs of up to 100 million people. 


PHS supplies a variety of services including the provision of products and technologies for hygiene – in addition to the collection and disposal of sensitive healthcare waste. These services are provided to a range of different industries - ranging from restaurants to offices, hospitals and schools.


PTG and PHS have enjoyed a long and successful partnership, supplying each other with a number of solutions and services over the last 5 years. 




PHS was eager to accelerate its digital transformation to improve efficiency working remotely during COVID-19. As part of PHS’s adoption of Microsoft Teams, they desired new on-site meeting room facilities integrated with Teams, providing staff with a seamless meeting experience - despite whether staff were working remotely or in office. 


PHS required a solution enabling high quality audio and video in its meeting rooms using Microsoft Teams – allowing remote and onsite staff to communicate effectively, with access to the full suite of features within Microsoft Teams. 


The main challenge for this project was time – quick access to stock for remote access-related technology was limited. This tied with delivery pressures could cause critical delays to the project which needed to be installed before the second national lockdown.  




PTG partnered alongside TVT to design, install and support the entire refresh of the digital equipment in critical PHS meeting rooms, including high-quality screens and high-level audio speakers. A total of 12 meeting rooms were redesigned and developed as part of the collaborative refresh.


The second national lockdown meant that the working from home deadline was tight when PHS initially placed the order. The boardroom in particular had to be refreshed quickly. The new meeting room stock was on an extended lead time because of its high demand. However, due to PTGs positive and direct relationships with vendors, the procurement team were able to ensure swift delivery of the boardroom technology – and in support of TVT, the project was installed within 3-4 weeks ahead of the second lockdown. 


PTG placed the bid for the order as part of a competitive tender process and was successful; TVT’s design team demonstrated a critical understanding of the technology being implemented; foreseeing potential issues with the solution and developed a pro-active plan to prevent any potential issues arising. 


The bespoke solution design entirely met needs and wants of the PHS business team from end to end- following a scheduled programme of rooms site by site to install equipment ready for use.


The Hybrid meeting model means PHS can now host large meetings on site if needed whilst involving remote attendees, creating a unified experience for all members whether virtual or not – a solution that now works fluidly and efficiently.  Meetings are now more flexible: saving staff, customers and suppliers money and time. 



“I’d like to thank everyone involved with the meeting rooms project. I recognise a lot of work has gone into it with a very challenging timescale and lots of management. The initial Hayes installation has been used a number of times by our Exec team members, our CEO was very complimentary about how it’s dramatically improved his way of working. I was on six hours of calls with the team at Hayes yesterday and it was great quality and effortless throughout. Four of the Execs were in Hayes, a couple of us in Caerphilly, and guests dropping in and out of the meeting from all over I’ve just had a call with the MD at the Skelmersdale site who’s equally as impressed with the setup and I’m testing the Caerphilly setup now which is great too. Thanks all for your efforts so far and doing a great job.”
Matthew Davies, Group IT Director