James Calvert Spence College is an extremely aspirational high school in Northumberland, with 96% of its A-Level students going on to earn a place at University. The college aims to maximise the academic potential of every student, with exceptional teaching and technology resources.




Technology is an essential tool when it comes to delivering an enriched learning environment. With rapidly evolving technology and devices used in education, staying ahead of the curve and ensuring students have access to the latest technology is challenging, especially with limited department budgets.


The school had outdated projectors and were considering domestic TV’s as a replacement for students & teaching staff to use for presentations. PTG advised against this; consumer TV’s can be an insurance risk, have limited functionality and aren’t optimal for the purpose. The college hadn’t fully considered interactive technology, assuming due to budget restrictions it wasn’t within reach.


PTG created a design and specification for 65 interactive screens in close liaison with specialist vendor Viewsonic, ensuring all aspects of the required functionality and deployment were fully considered. The screens recommended provided enhanced collaborative features and would ensure reliability and longevity due to the quality of the product. As this technology was completely different to what the teachers and students had used prior, PTG included free of charge training for staff, secure fixing brackets and Wi-Fi dongles - facilitating wireless screen-casting to the new screens.




PTG worked alongside the college to replace all 65 projectors with the new interactive equipment. This included a rollout of 20-point (up to 20 users per screen) touchscreen TV’s across campus. The new interactive ViewSonic devices enabled students to present and collaborate in the most creative way possible – inspiring innovation in the classroom.


Outside of the immediate collaborative benefits; these devices mitigate the need for clunky remote controls, using wireless streaming, removing the need for VGA and HDMI cables and significantly improved the aesthetic and dynamic of each classroom.


PTG completed the installation on time, on budget and trained college staff, ensuring all new resources were fully adopted and used to full capability. Better learning outcomes were achieved for the College as a result, creating a hands-on collaboration between not only teacher and pupils, but also giving a full classroom the tools to work alongside each other collaboratively. The interactive benefits also brought fun back into the classroom and the college was able to fully embrace the benefits of implementing new technology.




“Initially we requested PTG to refresh our outdated projectors. PTG came forward and sourced interactive touch display devices which enhance the learning experience in the classroom; creating collaborative opportunities for both students and staff. The devices they sourced aligned to our budgeting restrictions and exceeded the outcomes we required. We were also given free staff training on site, meaning our staff were equipped to deploy the newly installed technologies with confidence and ease.”
Aaron Armstrong, ICT Network Manager