Established in 1989, SDL Surveying Ltd (SDL) quickly became a pioneer of the now commonly accepted approaches to modern residential valuation panel management. Since then and for over 30 years, SDL Surveying has provided property inspections on behalf of a number of global banks to assess a property’s security for mortgage lending purposes, earning them an excellent reputation in the sector. 




A big part of the work done at SDL is completed in the field – on-site surveying properties. This requires all employees to be suitably equipped with laptops, phones and survey equipment, as essential hardware needed for the job.


SDL requires world-class, impenetrable IT security and support obliged by their relationships with large financial institutions. Having ultra-secure data had quickly become an increasing priority for the organisation, especially considering the heightened risk and new vulnerabilities in the post-COVID world.


SDL also needed to adapt working practices to be compliant with UK Government COVID-19 guidelines, limiting the number of projects being handled.




The immediate requirement for additional laptops and devices for the survey teams was straightforward but the security was of paramount concern.


As part of the hardware refresh and roll-out, PTG configured Barracuda cloud ATP mail protection and total web protection. Fully cloud-hosted and managed by PTG, this security solution eased some of the pressure on SDL’s IT team and provided extra reassurance for SDL with off-premise hosting, which eliminated inherent risks and single points of failure.  


PTG now collaborates with SDL to manage their Microsoft 365 environment and future projects within Azure.


The team at PTG have been a pleasure to work with throughout the different stages and areas of the projects we have been working on. They sourced the right devices at the budget outlined and supported us with the swift configuration and deployment of our new Barracuda cloud ATP mail protection and total web protection. I’m looking forward to continue to work with their team on our upcoming Azure projects later this year.
Parmjit Samplay, Head of Infrastructure and Network Security