PHS Group are the leading hygiene services provider in the UK, Spain and Ireland. With over 120,000 customers across 300,000 locations, PHS work alongside a broad portfolio of customers ranging from restaurants to offices, and from hospitals to schools. And if that wasn’t impressive enough ‐ the company currently meets the needs of up to 100 million people.


PHS supply an array of hygiene services including the provision of products and technologies for hygiene. A further crucial part of PHS’ service catalogue includes the collection and disposal of sensitive healthcare waste.


Leaving few businesses untouched, the coronavirus pandemic forced PHS to accelerate elements of its Digital transformation – almost overnight. Like many, the employees of PHS were forced to work from home – something completely new to vast majority of the workforce, which required prompt action.




Timing was absolutely paramount for PHS. Russell King (Head of Infrastructure Managed Services), was faced with the challenge of equipping all employees with the materials and technologies needed for them to work effectively from home. The time frame was slim and failing to meet the deadline for this transformation would have been detrimental to the business.


As well as the timing, they were met with difficulty in securing suitable products. Understandably, Russell didn’t want to send staff home with large desk‐bound towers that would have been impractical for staff to set up in their new home working environments. This meant that employees would need something more compact and lightweight, but that still packed the sufficient processing power.


Russell had the HP400G5 Micro PC in mind. This would’ve been an ideal solution to Russell’s problem, but unfortunately, they were out of stock everywhere. This appeared to be a recurring theme for home‐working tech products and, in the midst of the COVID‐19 crisis, PHS were having difficulty getting hold of anything from Wi‐Fi dongles to headsets.




PHS came to the pure technology group with a challenge – one that required swift action and expertise. HP400G5 Micro PCs, Wi‐Fi dongles and Monitors were all essential parts of PHS’ shopping list. All of which PTG's procurement team was able to source promptly and deliver the very next day. As well as this, and despite further obstacles in stock availability, PTG managed to supply headsets to PHS as they came into stock.


The securing of hardware meant the PHS were able to accelerate their plans to implement Microsoft Teams in a matter of a few weeks. With advice from the pure technology group, they were able to make the right decisions regarding governance and training which has been vital in their success.


Having PTG as a partner meant that PHS were able to quickly overcome the challenges they faced and smoothly roll out remote working to their entire work force in a time‐sensitive environment.



“I have been reflecting on the last few weeks and where we have found ourselves and the lessons learned. One of the thoughts I keep coming back to is the fantastic support we get from our key partners such as the pure technology group. From the moment that the government told us to lockdown, it took us just 2 days to turn our ‘work in the office’ staff to a ‘work from home’ team. That would not have been possible without a partner, that’s you!”
Russell King, Head of Infrastructure Managed Services, PHS