Since its establishment in 1988, Spawforths has become an award-winning town planning, masterplanning and architecture consultancy based in West Yorkshire.

Our history with Spawforths dates back to 2008. Since then, due to the company having no dedicated in-house IT presence, the pure technology group has provided all their IT Support Services. The support we have offered has ranged from onsite daily Field Engineering visits to our Service Desk. We’ve since furthered our relationship by providing a selection of other proactive services including Managed Server alongside traditional Break Fix Hardware Support.



The Covid-19 pandemic affected many businesses in many ways, however when the UK entered a state of mandatory lockdown, many businesses were forced to work remotely. As a consultancy with very few regular remote workers, Rachel Illsley, FD, was forced to make an important decision in early March, during the infancy of the pandemic’s spread within the UK. It was crucial to understand what infrastructure Spawforths already had in place, which could lend itself to enabling the whole team to work from home and continue to access business critical applications and files. 


At the time, Spawforths made it clear that under the circumstance that the entire office would be forced to self-isolate, they would need assurance that the business would be able to continue as usual. 



Having accurately pre-empted the increase of cases in the UK, Spawforths had to rollout remote working for all their employees, and as a result PTG assisted Spawforths’ transition to remote working, making it as smooth as possible.  In the previous year, PTG implemented a Barracuda firewall solution, which included VPN capability – therefore enabling the move to remote work to be relatively quick and painless.  


PTG configured the VPN solution on the Barracuda firewall so that all Spawforths staff were able to connect into the company network from home and access their usual line-of-business applications.


Rachel personally tested the solution on March 19th with 15 people logged in remotely and she confirmed that the remote access test was successful and expressed the need for more licenses should lockdown occur. Subsequently, Senior PTG Engineers were able to increase VPN user licensing to allow all 27 Spawforths staff remote access.


This ensured a smooth and easy transition to remote working for all Spawforths staff during a difficult period. While many businesses had difficulties rolling out remote working due to impromptu nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, Spawforths were able to switch over with ease and support every step of the way.


The pure technology group are continuing to support Spawforths Associates (and many other clients) remotely as the country’s lockdown situation develops.