Photo credit: ©Ben Duffy Photography


Dry land was a sight for sore eyes (and arms) as Bradford rowing duo James Tordoff and Chris Nicholl, known by their team name, ‘Hell Oar High Water’ completed the final leg of the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge.  


Taking on what’s known as the world's toughest rowing race is no easy feat. This 3000-mile rowing challenge tasked the team with rowing from La Gomera (Canaries) to Antigua. A goliath of a challenge to say the least.                                                

Delighted to be back in Yorkshire, the team made a visit to the pure technology group offices to relay their thrilling tales from the Atlantic. The Bradford rowers outlined unimaginable scenes, putting themselves against unforgiving open seas, a shark attack, 2 broken oars and an endurance challenge to go down in the history books. All this on a 2-hour sleep schedule - which lead to what the pair described as “dreaming with their eyes open”.  



With an impressive top speed of 17.5 nots, the trans-Atlantic feat took a total of 44 days, 21 hours and 58 minutes – needless to say, the pair were looking slimmer upon their return.


Though the hard part is complete, James and Chris’ truly remarkable story doesn’t end there... The boys took the challenge on in with an ambition of raising £150,000 for Centrepoint, The Bradford Hospitals Charity and BEN.


Whilst donations are still ongoing the duo hope to reach their funding milestone by July 2020 and, as a headline sponsor for the team, the pure technology group continues to support team HOHW in their mission to reach their target on schedule.



The boys, their cause and their chosen charities are approaching the final frontier of an incredible mission and must now look to the people for help getting over the finish line. If you want to be a part of this brilliant cause and support HOHW, visit