It isn’t news to anyone that we’re facing a global epidemic with Coronavirus and with concern first and foremost for the health and wellbeing of people, we’re being asked questions daily about our preparations for this situation. This article is written to address those queries.


The truth is you simply can’t prepare for every scenario with a pandemic; the effects are global, multiple and complex, impacting populations, organisations and daily life itself. Every business must assess its particular risks and plan accordingly. Corporations around the world are putting in place extraordinary measures to try and limit the spread of the disease where employees have been affected. This week Nike closed their main European office in the Netherlands, asking staff to work remotely and many organisations, including Amazon, Google and Goldman Sachs have instituted travel bans.


Some regions of China have been on lockdown now for some time and this will undoubtedly impact supply chains across almost all sectors. Business as whole will be affected, travel companies especially, and those businesses already under pressure may not survive.


In the IT sector supply chain will be affected as the major manufacturing hub China is curtailed. Looking for some positives, it may be fortuitous that UK tech sector increased local and regional stock holding for Brexit, which may now be useful.


At PTG we are monitoring the situation closely, liaising daily with our global partners and UK IT distribution. We have limited our own travel to essential journeys and are promoting all meetings to be by Teams Video Conferencing, which is contrary to our usual personal service but appropriate in the circumstance.

In addition to this, we have released a policy, which enables us to educate our staff on how to manage the situation and we’ll monitor the situation whilst having contingencies in plan.

We’re helping some customers avoid supply chain disruption due to Coronavirus and the ongoing Intel supply constriction, which pre-existed the virus, to satisfy ongoing projects through increased stockholding. For now, it’s not essential that we insist on remote working (although we have that capability if required) as we have no known contact with anyone infected.

In summary, we’re doing what we feel is appropriate for our people and business right now but are prepared to adjust should the situation change.


Like everyone, we hope the situation improves, a vaccine is found, and this disease follows the path of preceding pandemics and dissipates but also like most other organisations we’re very much in ‘watch and see’ mode.


If you have any concerns, please contact us.