Providing the South East of England ‐ 2.2 million people ‐ with 520 million litres of fresh, high-quality drinking water every day is no simple feat. It requires 950 members of staff, 9000 miles of water mains, 500,000 water tests per year and, importantly, an immense technical capability to support an operation of such measure. 


pure technology group (PTG)’s initial understanding of South East Water’s requirements took this into account, paying close attention to the scale of the company’s operation & infrastructure. After the initial contact through the ‘Achilles Utilities Vendor Database’, the PTG team was able to exhibit the tenacious attitude, quality service and smooth delivery that ultimately lead to a partnership.




The nature of such a large organisation requires access to high‐speed, up‐to‐date technology in order to fully empower its workforce and enable them to work as efficiently as possible. With this in mind, South East Water was looking for a partial refresh across its HP desktop systems, with a company‐wide upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Furthermore, during early discussions with South East Water, it became apparent that the company was looking for a more cost‐effective product solution, that wouldn’t compromise on good account management. 




PTG was able to offer a partnership that would decrease the cost of South East Water’s IT needs while maintaining excellent account management. PTG enabled South East Water to quickly deploy brand‐new HP laptops and desktops, all of which were up to date with the latest version of Windows 10 – ensuring its personnel are now equipped and confident they have the right tools at their disposal.


This solution, coupled with the tenacity, energy and expertise within the PTG team has delivered a flourishing partnership between both organisations. PTG continues to support South East Water with dedicated account management, allowing them to comfortably discuss their plans to implement nIT services (or products) from a trustworthy source and for a fair price.



“The pure technology group are a pleasure to work with. We get excellent support from our Account Manager and the team at PTG, always fast, friendly and reliable. Fantastic service, technically resourceful with highly competitive pricing.”
Mike Wood, IT Service Desk Manager, South East Water