Betfred is one of the UKs largest bookmakers and online betting platforms. Founded by Fred and Peter Done as a single shop in 1967; it’s now one of the biggest brands in the industry spread over 1,700 stores across the UK.


Betfred has been a customer of the pure technology group for over 10 years and throughout that time PTG has played a key role in the supply and deployment of its IT - fuelling its exponential growth and development within the betting industry.



PTG approached Betfred as part of an extensive project to overhaul its Call Centre infrastructure. Following quick expansion and acquisition of stores, Betfred wanted to centralise the technology operated over its different locations, comprising of a number of different circuit lines and providers used over a variety of different systems. This legacy infrastructure made the platforms difficult to manage, and complex to monitor calls missed and received, call sources, time and date stamps, and waiting durations.


A new solution would also promote greater flexibility within the team, without any detriment to the customer experience. Betfred has long prioritised the security of its customers details, but as cloud-based tech evolves so too do the opportunities to ensure even greater compliance. Which was particularly important given the introduction of GDPR.



The pure technology group worked with Vapour to design and specify a solution based on the Höllr platform. Totally unified: Höllr consolidated live and recordable voice, video, SMS, email, chat and social media streams. The introduction of a secure payment gateway – compliant to PCI DSS* Level 1 – ensured adherence to industry legislation. 


With all communications now trackable and reportable, Betfred can produce a host of call-related metrics driving performance improvements within the team. These statistics include the number of calls missed and received, call sources, time and date stamps, and waiting durations. The flexibility of the platform will also allow Betfred employees to work from home, should they need to, for business continuity in the event of a disaster recovery scenario. 


The phased six-month roll out followed an extensive three-month ‘proof of concept’ project, with a VIP team of Betfred beta-testers. Initially testing within the 150-strong Call Centre in Wigan, the platform was implemented throughout the full network of 1,700 UK shops.


Betfred receives an average of 50,000 incoming calls per month. 



“We are delighted to secure a deal with the pure technology group & Vapour, which will greatly improve the customer experience and make us even more efficient.”
Betfred’s Head of Customer Services Mark Hilton



“This project is the result of a superb partnership between Betfred, pure technology group and Vapour, which has long focused on the delivery of significant benefits for Betfred and its customers. It brings together expertise in multiple disciplines to totally transform the organisation’s approach to communications.”
PTG’s sales director Gary Saunders