John Mason International is one of the UK’s largest international shipping and removal companies, helping over 10,000 people move around the world each year with its most popular destinations including Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA.



John Mason International sought a partner to investigate, design and present a number of solutions to compliment and modernise its existing IT strategy and infrastructure. With a mission to provide a totally flexible moving service tailored to each of its customers; pure technology group (PTG)’s proposed solutions needed to match the organisation’s values – offering flexibility and agility in deployment and have the ability to scale services up and down when required.


The first requirement was a solution to replace its ageing server infrastructure. The existing server hardware was no longer under warranty and was using legacy operating systems, which meant that the server and switching hardware was becoming increasingly less reliable. After a complete infrastructure review and consultation from PTG, the customer was advised to invest in a new solution before the fleet’s productivity or network security was compromised.


John Mason also desired a greater level communication and availability of support than what it had with its current IT partner. Other desirable qualities for a new IT partner included a proven track-record in deploying and managing Microsoft’s full suite of O365 apps, and as a Tier-1 CSP (Cloud Service Provider), PTG was able to expertly advise. 


With John Masons partners spanning a number of continents, they needed an IT partner able to operate across different time zones and provide round-the-clock support. As one of the UK’s largest international moving companies, John Mason also desired a modernised Disaster Recovery (DR) plan to provide the organisation better peace of mind in the event of a disaster.



Following PTG’s in-depth infrastructure review and consultation John Mason replaced its server and switching hardware with a more modern and robust infrastructure solution, carefully selected to meet the business needs, providing assurance of a modern and secure operating system on new hardware, covered under manufacturer warranty. The specification of the Hyper-V hosts included the use of solid-state drives (SSD) due to their superior performance when compared to traditional spinning hard disk drives. This allows for optimum performance on the virtual machines, which improved the system response. John Mason now have an efficient system to support future growth, as well as having all of the latest firmware and patching updates - keeping devices secure and compliant with enterprise and government specifications. 


PTG provided an IT support contract for Service Desk support to assist its in-house team with managed server, end-point and managed backup service, which included appropriate SLA’s and round-the-clock support. 


A backup solution was also implemented as part of this project – keeping John Masons data securely encrypted within UK-based datacentres. This ensures a secure offsite copy of the data to be available in the event of data loss, improving upon John Mason’s previous DR solution. 


With cyber-attacks growing in frequency and sophistication, storing data in an external location is essential to recover data and continue business as usual with little-or-no downtime. Backup also includes an autonomic healing feature, which checks the consistency of backups on a daily basis, referencing and repairing bad sectors from other copies of data. PTG has a 100% recovery record from its cloud backup infrastructure, including test and live invocations. A local cache provides file restore in seconds, whilst John Mason’s data is transmitted into deltas to multiple UK datacentres. Data in transit is encrypted to FIPS140-2 standard, providing total peace of mind and security. 


The solutions complement John Mason’s policy to invest in an infrastructure and supports its commitment to quality. The full installation of the new IT infrastructure was done with no downtime and no interruptions to the day-to-day business.



John Mason International selected the pure technology group following an intensive tender process at the beginning of 2019. We were initially very nervous having been with our previous supplier for many years. From our first initial conversation through to the start of the first project together we have found PTG to not only be knowledgeable but also very efficient. Our first project was done with no downtime or interruptions to our services. The project was completed smoothly and efficiently.
Becky Clamp, I.T. Manager