After 12 years of continuous expansion, the pure technology group (PTG) has finalised its first office refurb.


Over the years the group has moved in and out of different offices due to rapid growth in staff numbers. Now wanting to provide the Leeds office with a fresh look and layout, the group decided to invest in transforming the existing warehouse to allow a more enhanced workspace for people to join the team. 


Finance, procurement and HR are now located on the ground floor, allowing more desk space to be available upstairs as well as an area for hot desking.


PTG believes that this office modification will help display the values that the business is built on that have been leading it to success. The refurb will benefit the whole organisation as it gives its valued employees a tip-top working environment which will create a positive atmosphere when at work.



The group has also invested in a 'Coffee Shop' area on the ground floor, allowing a second breakout area in addition to the first floor having ‘The Escape’. These spaces are designed to allow employees to relax and unwhind whilst watching TV, playing Play Station, pool or darts.



It has been a month since the office refurb and everyone is extremely pleased with the way it is benefitting them - take a look at some images below.