In 2018, the pure technology group (PTG) sponsored a school team of award-winning robot-builders from Barnet, London.


The team has recently won the ‘Judges Award’ for special recognition as a team and great robot design at the St. Olaves VEX Robotics Competition. They also won the ‘Design Award’ for excellent robot design and consistency in the field, as well as the ‘Tournament Champion Award’ at Greig City Academy, which qualified them to be able to go to the VEX UK National Championships in March 2019.


Going forward, Team Apex aim to compete at the National Championship Awards and progress to the VEX Robotics World Championships in May at the Kentucky Exposition Centre in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.


Take a look at the images below for images of ‘Nuts and Volts’, Team Apex’s award-winning robot, and a special thank you to their teacher, Mr. Noonam.




As an exclusive sponsor, we’ll be following their progress with great interest.

Good luck, Team Apex!