With over 20 years’ experience as a leading provider of specialist warehousing and document management services, InBond excels in providing exceptionally high levels of customer service and quality standards. InBond prides itself on the delivery of logistics solutions, providing a personal touch and building long-term trusted relationships - whether that be for the servicing of local businesses or national clients such as Fujifilm, Next and the NHS. With a vastly experienced and specialist workforce, InBond can deliver its services to a variety of industries such as pharmaceutical and public sector organisations.



InBond’s infrastructure included ageing servers, which did not offer the speed and resilience required for business expansion. They desired a more modern and up-to-date hardware platform which could be rolled-out throughout the entire organisation. 


InBond also required some in-depth Linux expertise, to assist with any queries, issues and upgrades at a moment’s notice. This was essential to be able to respond to customer queries promptly, in order to maintain a high level of customer service.


Due to the fast-paced nature of supply chain logistics, InBond needed a partner that could react fast, recommend solutions and deploy swiftly with assistance from the on-site IT team.



The pure technology group (PTG) replaced all of InBond’s existing server hardware with brand new state-of-art virtualised servers and a SAN, providing advanced flexibility and resilience.


After a quick turnaround time of just 1 month, PTG also provided InBond with 24-hour Service Desk support, affording peace of mind if anything was to go wrong. This also improved InBond’s serviceability to its customers which in turn has improved customer satisfaction by actioning customer queries with little to no wait time.


PTG also provided InBond with firewalls and AntiVirus, improving security across the entire organisation. Cloud back-up was designed and deployed too, preventing any down-time, as all of InBond’s data and operational IT assets are backed-up and can now be securely accessed anywhere.


InBond has worked closely with PTG to upgrade the IT infrastructure in live time production and, since the beginning of the relationship, InBond continues to add further PTG services to its contract – the most recent being a new unified communications system.





“The main benefit is having an IT partner who understands our growing business and with regular meetings we are always able to discuss current issues and growth plans so that we are keep one step ahead of our competition. Our partnership begun in 2017 and long may it continue! We would always recommend the pure technology group to any of our clients.”
Adam Rye, IT Manager.