Rotala PLC, formed in 2005, is an AIM listed company operating commercial and subsidised bus routes for businesses, local authorities, public and private individuals. Rotala has grown through acquisition and amalgamation of local coach and bus operations and is now one of the largest operators in its chosen geographical locations. Rotala currently operates more than 600 vehicles, employs more than 1,500 members of staff and carries more than 29,000,000 passengers every year.



Rotala had several older versions of Microsoft Office installed, which was becoming restrictive due to the inability to collaborate on documents and utilise online applications. This, along with an ageing Exchange infrastructure; meant that deployment, licensing and patching were proving difficult to manage. 


Rotala were also receiving high volumes of spoof emails, due to the developing cyber-threat landscape and phishing attacks were becoming increasingly more common. This was putting the organisation at increasing risk, and Rotala therefore desired a state-of-the-art solution to mitigate risk as much as possible.



The pure technology group (PTG) migrated Rotala’s Legacy Exchange Email service to Microsoft Exchange Online, which reduced datacentre costs. The migration was carried out with minimal downtime of Rotala’s operation and PTG implemented a range of O365 applications including Skype, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams in order to enable significantly improved collaboration. As a Microsoft Accredited Partner, PTG was able to offer advantageous pricing with advanced support and direct escalation to Microsoft. 


PTG also provided Rotala with Mimecast Cloud security including; Secure Email Gateway, Email Continuity, Managed Filtering, Anti-Spam and Targeted Threat Protection. These solutions were deployed organisation-wide and installed quickly for immediate risk mitigation and threat protection. Mimecast’s archiving solution was also deployed and configured, meaning that Rotala has the ability to retrieve archived email on demand. A significant decrease in spam and junk mail has made the email and messaging service far more efficient.



The Microsoft Cloud is a reliable and secure method of delivering Rotala’s messaging. Fully-managed calendars, contacts and task organisation, accessible from any secure and authenticated web browser, means that all of Rotala’s employees are connected to essential data 24/7/365. They are also able to scale licensing and usage up and down as the organisation requires. Mimecast has significantly reduced the amount of phishing and spoofing emails now giving Rotala less risk and more peace of mind.


The pure technology group designed both ‘pay-as-you-go’ and monthly subscription plans, helping future expenditure forecasts. The solutions deployed mean that Rotala’s business continuity is secured, and they are now better equipped to continue essential business functions both during and after any future disaster.


Mwakere Mrengo, Network & Systems Administrator commented:

“Digital Transformation is key to any organisation that wants to enjoy doing business today. It is important to keep abreast with current and emerging technologies that improve, extend and simplify the way we work and empowers us to deliver greater value to our users and customers.


PTG is not only a leading technology partner of choice but they are visionaries and innovators. They saw where we wanted to be and what we are (were) trying to achieve. Using their in-house expertise from the Account Manager, Service Manager, the Solutions Team and the Deployment Engineers, they were all focused, patient and worked around us with great professionalism on delivering this solution.”