“The pure technology group’s people are its greatest asset” 


– this mantra is disseminated by all involved in the group, from the operational support teams to the CEO and the Board of Directors. 


This can be evidenced in the investment of time and effort that goes into designing, developing and implementing training through the PTG academy (PTG’s training program). The academy has implemented a robust learning and development plan for all with a variety of topics covered within workshops. Training sessions range from hard skills such as Excel and time management to the softer skills required to manage people and situations including perceptions and mindset. PTG’s Senior Leadership Team (SLT) has been a major focus recently and will continue to be so ensuring that all our leaders have the opportunity to reach their potential whilst learning from colleagues, sharing experiences and receiving guidance on all aspects of people management.  


Our ‘day at the academy’ development day has been attended by all of our people and any new members of our teams are invited to attend, usually within two months of employment. The workshop runs for a full day and covers many aspects of customer service including:


-It's importance

-Why our service experience needs to be the best it can possibly be

-First impressions

-Meeting needs and expectations

-Non-verbal communications

-Telephone standards and responses

-Role play – dealing with customers concerns

-LAST (we keep this acronym to ourselves so those that haven’t attended don’t get a sneaky preview).


Feedback from the learning and development opportunities provided by the academy is always acted upon and many of our workshops and modules have developed session by session as we constantly strive to ensure our workshops are relevant, effective and provide the learning that has been requested. All workshops provided by the academy are interactive, full participation is part of the objective and fun is top of the list. As our facilitators say, if only one person walks away with something new in their “toolbox” this can be considered a job well done.