Today, the pure technology group launches its brand-new innovative e-commerce platform- This follows on from a previous iteration of the e-commerce store (purists online). The Group wanted to provide customers with a more interactive and feature-rich platform in order to fully embrace the benefits of e-commerce. To celebrate this, PTG is offering a £25 voucher for the first 20 customers that place an order through the store. 


New features

A new feature highlighted on the store is the option to customise and create a bespoke portal with custom settings based on your organisation's preferences. Another aspect of the store is the suggestions feature, which allows users to browse through more items that may be of interest to them based on their needs and previous purchases. The store also offers a new and improved support function which aids customers’ quickly if there are any technical issues. Administrators can approve, set a limit on, and review their team orders.


What’s changed? is focused on being more user-friendly and offers an extended catalogue of the latest tech products at the best prices. The image below shows another new feature in the store which is the option to compare different products that you may be thinking about purchasing, ensuring you make the best decision before buying. It compares factors such as the software that is included, the size of the device, the sound and picture quality and the device memory size. 




What does this mean to me?

The store is ideal to use for quick transactions, such as peripherals or repetitive kit purchases. It is recommended to be used to buy off-the-shelf products, but not for complex, customisable products such as Storage Area Networks (SAN). The store is not recommended for consultative transactions or for unique items, your Account Manager will still be your first point of contact for those sorts of enquiries.


Stephen Everiss, Group Systems Manager, comments “Our new store is a big step towards a much more technically advanced content driven sales process that will provide a huge benefit to our customers. We’ve taken the first big step, now we will continue to develop and improve it overall."


If you haven't already, follow the link to set up your new account: