Like many organisations, we take issues of IT security extremely seriously and had taken extensive steps to secure our systems and data.


However, systems cannot be 100% effective at preventing all types of potential attack. This includes the susceptibility of systems to attacks carried out and originating from third party providers outside our organisation.


We are aware of a series of recent threats that appear to be directed at our organisation, and as part of our response to this we are publishing this article to illustrate our experience and help you best protect yourselves against similar attacks.


Recently, a number of individuals, including some of our customers, suppliers and personnel, have received emails purporting to come from senior personnel within our organisation. Although these emails have been set up to appear to originate from our organisation, they do not emanate from our domain. This can be seen, for example, by checking the ‘from’ address, which is not a "" email address. Our current understanding, based on our investigations to date, is that these emails are malicious and are intended to harvest information, such as the credentials of the email recipients.


We have responded immediately to these threats. While our investigations are ongoing, we recommend that you continue to be vigilant against malicious emails, including phishing emails, by asking yourselves the following questions on receipt of any email:


1. Are you expecting the message?

2. Is the message out of character for the sender?

3. Have you checked the full email address to confirm that it is from the correct domain?

4. If you are suspicious about the content, view the message in plain text to check any links.

5. If you still are unsure, pick up the phone and contact the sender to confirm.


For those who have received one of the fake emails impersonating our organisation, please ignore and delete the email and if you are concerned that you have clicked on any link or divulged any personal information or credentials, please contact us directly at the following email address: [email protected] 


We regret any inconvenience caused by these threats. We hope that by publishing this information and guidance you can best prevent yourselves falling victim to this or any similar attack.


Richard Knight

Technical Service Director