pure technology group (PTG) is proud to announce that it has been working with the RSPB over the last year to develop their plan to create a more flexible and mobile workforce.


The result is a contract for endpoints (laptops and two-in-ones), peripherals, support and deployment over the next 3 years. The RSPB is focused on technical progression with true value foremost. The RSPB staff & volunteers can share their workspace via the new devices across the UK, providing flexibility to transform from a traditional workspace and introduce a more collaborative and productive IT environment. Fundamentally this will help their mission to save nature and maximize their budget.


During the planning process, all requirements were carefully analysed for environmental impact, which was hugely important for the RSPB. All logistics, packaging, training and disposals are planned with the lowest Carbon Footprint possible. The RSPB is a progressive, forward-thinking organisation and it is an honour for PTG to work with the charity on such a ground-breaking project.


Following an exacting tender process including device evaluations, vendor trials, environmental impact assessments and commercial bid. The RSPB chose PTG as the right partner to work with them on the project.


Ben Morriss, Supplier Manager at the RSPB, commented:


“We were impressed by PTG’s enthusiasm and creativity. It’s clear they’re a group of passionate people who genuinely care about their customers wants and needs. This passion remains to be consistent with everyone at PTG.  This was made clear after reading their tender proposal and receiving a presentation that proved the brief had been read fully and understood. We have previously worked well with PTG with a standard supplier/customer relationship, and this hardware refresh contract further develops that to create a partnership that fulfils both parties’ requirements. The project provides a solution that future-proofs the organisation, enabling us to equip our workforce with the technology required to help them save nature.  We weren’t sure about exactly what we wanted and every aspect of PTG’s plan gave us confidence that they’re able to deliver whatever we decided. We look forward to this project starting in the coming months and we have no doubt PTG is the correct partner for us.”


The OneTeam mantra of PTG was a huge part of the success of the proposal with every department from Consultancy to Procurement playing a key role towards securing this landmark deal for the group.


Ben Green, Sales Manager at pure technology group, commented:


“When we finally received the news that we had won the tender, the RSPB’s project team and I discussed some of the many reasons we were successful, particularly when we were competing amongst some of the giants in our sector. 3 things stood out; our agility, confidence and passion. We are immensely proud to be working with the RSPB on this transformational project and the whole team involved throughout the tender process should take huge credit for this achievement.  Special thanks should also be given to Steve Everiss who led the bid process.”