Over the last few days, the UK has been badly affected by extreme weather conditions caused by the interestingly dubbed ‘Beast from the East’ and ‘Storm Emma’.


The weather conditions have forced many businesses, including the likes of IKEA and Aldi, to close across the UK to ensure the safety of their employees.  Unfortunately for many businesses this means lost time and revenue.


The pure technology group did close offices on Wednesday but fortunately for us, it was still business as usual.  Remote working was the key solution in making sure we were able to operate through the harsh weather uninterrupted and as normal.


We asked our resident ‘Storm Emma’ (Jackson) at pure technology group to tell us how remote working has helped her stay on track with her workload over the last few days.


“We went home on Wednesday because the weather was chaotic.  I had a bunch of really important things to get done that day, so It wasn’t particularly good news, luckily for us we’re able to do everything remotely. I switched my DDI number to my mobile and it was as easy as that. Once I got home safely I brewed a ‘cuppa’, snuggled up next to my dogs and logged on to cloud with Dynamics 365 CRM.  It was just another day at work really, no interruptions and over the last two days I’ve been able to get everything I need done without any issues.


Remote working is excellent when you’re in a pinch, being able to work from anywhere really does give you peace of mind.  I can work from anywhere in the world if I really wanted to, but I have to be honest though, I missed being in the office and being with my ‘work family’.”


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