pt17 achieved everything the Group set out to achieve and more. The theme was ‘bigger, better, more...’ and it certainly achieved that, in spades. Customer feedback was phenomenal and it was a hugely successful event for everyone involved.


The event showcased groundbreaking technologies from 12 of our global partners – with UK exclusive showcases of VR and convergence products. New partnerships were formed and all brands involved were elevated.


pt17 also witnessed some of the Group’s customers become partners, which improved customer relationships and generated business. New partnerships with companies such as Black Marble, Tesla and Virtual College added a new dynamic to the PTG brand, which will only grow in the future – the opportunities seem to be endless at this point.



The event captured more feedback than anything previous and with an overall satisfaction score of 95.6% through the NPS scoring mechanism (70% is deemed as world-class) the Event Team were exceptionally proud.


pt17 was an important milestone for the Group with a radical increase in investment, resource and collaboration compared to last year. It was a real showcase of the Group’s potential and a true testament to its staff and vision for the future.


This is just the beginning...