As part of the launch of Dell EMC’s 14th generation of servers, I had the honour of being invited to the Production Plant in Łódź, Poland, approximately 2 hours from Warsaw. As the pure technology group is a Dell EMC Gold Partner, I was afforded the opportunity to meet senior personnel and tour the factory.


As a managed service and cloud provider, the pure technology group shares many values with Dell EMC; believing in world class service delivery, investing in people and the local community and of course, supplying cutting-edge technology to customers. 


During my visit, I was able to witness firsthand the dedication that Dell EMC apply to their products, people and community. The most impressive thing I found was that not a single computer, be it a desktop, thin client, blade enclosure or bespoke solution for a huge customer like Google, are built by robots, but by real people, by hand.


Once an order is placed, components are picked and placed in large black crates, these make their way along a production line for each specific product type.  If it’s a desktop machine you have purchased, this will be built by a single engineer before making its way out of the factory and to you.  If you’ve purchased a server then the base case with main board make its way through successive stations, where each engineer will add parts until the system is completed and ready for testing. 


Depending on the end application, or customer request, systems undergo rigorous testing anywhere from a few hours, to weeks, ensuring that the system you’ve purchased arrives with you thoroughly tested and ready for its workload. 


The 14th generation of servers implement many new features aimed at making monitoring and administration of your new systems easier:


- The management console ‘openmanage essentials’ becomes ‘openmanage enterprise’, an updated and cleaner interface now compatible with 14g servers.


- iDRAC technology has also been updated. You can now connect up to 99 physical servers through a single iDRAC, meaning less time spent configuring monitoring clients and faster administration of your servers. 


- With the quick sync 2 module (optional purchase with 14g servers) you can simply walk up to your server, press a button and immediately connect using a predetermined random password on the quick sync details card on the front of the device, giving you access to a remote console or openmanage to check the health and status of the server or cluster.












Dell EMC is working to become the ‘bedrock of the modern data centre’ and drive IT transformation.  This can be seen by gains in market share over the last several years, not just in the UK and Ireland but across the globe.  Working with a company like Dell EMC is a pleasure especially when their drive and passion meets that from the pure technology group.


For further product details, please contact your pure technology group account manager.