Founded in 1839, The University of Chester is one of the oldest English higher education establishments, pre-dating all except Cambridge, Durham, London and Oxford. It's listed buildings in the city of Chester were the first in the country to be purpose-built for the professional training of teachers.


The University provides an open environment to educate, train and develop the skills of its staff and students, offering a wide range of learning resources and technology. Originally based on a single campus the University now offers over 400 single and combined honours courses to 18,000 students across 5 sites. The university and its students depend heavily on their IT infrastructure.




Technology has become an essential tool for the education sector, enabling extension of the learning environment beyond the classroom. With a wealth of information available online it’s critical for educators to make technology accessible for all students and open the doors to a more enriching learning experience. Today’s classrooms have evolved, the online education sector has grown substantially and universities are challenged to keep up. This makes it even more important for universities to stay up to date and have the resources available to cater to the needs of its students across all campuses.


The University of Chester were looking to improve the availability of IT and learning resources for its students. With increasing uptake in student numbers and rising competition in the market, the demand for high-quality IT learning resources and immediate availability was growing.


To contend with these emerging demands the University of Chester determined it would be necessary to invest in new hardware with an element of ‘future-proofing’ to maximise its investment. In addition, the installation needed to be completed within a short timeframe to minimise downtime and ensure that the new resources were ready to be used on campus ahead of the new semester.





The pure technology group worked alongside the University’s IT Technicians throughout the summer break and designed a bespoke solution which included the deployment of 300 purpose built PC’s, a data storage solution, imaging and installation throughout the campus.


With custom built desktops the University is now able to manage usage across its campus, easing the pressure from its staff and providing its students with state-of-the-art IT resources to aid their development and progression. The data storage solution allows the University to remain worry-free with their systems, data is backed-up and secured to military-grade standards.


As part of a complete, holistic solution the pure technology group also removed and recycled all waste and packaging from the site, leaving the university ready to start the new semester. 






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