the pure technology group

(referred to as “the group” throughout this rendition)

It’s a great company to work for with purpose, ambition, and drive

But’s that not enough I hear you say – so let me tell you why.


The group offer so much more than just a “normal” job

A place to work, attend each day and earn a “few more bob”


They do the things they have to do, like decent pay and pensions,

Annual leaves included and a plan for our commissions

We have performance related pay and flexible working hours

With profit share, and life assurance, there’s no place quite like ours.


With family friendly policies, extended lunch times too

For those who wish to exercise or run a mile or two.


We have great working environments, completely contrasting places

The contemporary “Mill”, so up to date and full of open spaces.

To the beautiful old mansion house, with its grounds and history

Whichever one you work at, it’s a fantastic place to be.


There’s a culture of empowerment, transparency and trust

With open doors and encouragement, engagement is a must

Pro-active directors and SLT taking the time to find out

What each and every one of us is really all about.

Not just about our families, our friends and things external

But also our progression route and how we can reach our full potential.


There’s training and development, accreditations and awards too

Including ISO and IIP Gold, to name but a few

With PDP’s and KPI’s we have a clear direction

Of everyone’s requirements and all our expectations.


We are asked to complete a survey regarding our satisfaction

Twice a year, with feedback, that translates then into action


Suggestions put forward monthly have often proved successful

With ideas and opinions listened to – that’s so instrumental

In cultivating ownership, and a level of responsibility

For absolute, utter and total inclusivity.


Within the office environment we have everything we could wish for

With state of the art equipment and even bean bags around the floor;

We’ve a pool table, fuzball and lots of machines that vend,

A fridge full of beer for Friday’s to kick off the weekend.


Our structure doesn’t start at the top, and work its way on down

It’s based on a level playing field, with all names in a round

Each one of us being equal and dependent upon the rest

To strive and meet objectives, always giving of our best.


The group has wonderful people, full of character and charm

Who keep their heads in time of stress and always remain calm.


We have incentives, and sales leader board with healthy competition

Our staff are highly motivated, always on a mission

To go that one step further, to climb that one step higher

With the recognition of our leaders, of which we never tire.


Outside of office hours, there’s a great deal going on

With days arranged and parties, the emphasis on fun

We have our own internal award – employee of the month,

When everyone gets to cast a vote for more than a job well done.


We get briefed every quarter, where they feed us all as well

This provides the opportunity for everyone to tell

What’s already happened and what’s coming up ahead

How the group is moving forward – there can’t be enough said.

We learn about our colleagues, and progress that’s been made

As well as new projects that need to hit the grade.


There’s a high energy cultivated that drives a yearning need

To be the very best we can, determined to succeed

We take it all on personally and appreciate every day

Supported by good people, who help in every way.


We send team members near and far, with all expenses paid

To visit new locations where memories are made

We’ve been to different countries as well as the UK

Including Europe and Asia and of course, the U S of A.


We have our chosen charity, to which we contribute

Taking part in activities, some of which are not so cute,

Like walking on hot coals and climbing mountains three

With fancy dress parties, now that’s a sight to see.


Our SLT are far much more than what a “boss” might be

They coach, they teach, they counsel without negativity

The attitude is so positive with open doors for all

Even nearing midnight, they will likely take the call

Nothing is too much trouble, and nothing gets dismissed

Each one of us important, never bottom of the list.


The group extol as loud can be that people here come first

Its staff its greatest asset – not just well practiced verse

It really does believe in this, I’m sure you will agree

The pure technology group et al, truly values me!