Established in 1975, Brian Yeardley Continental Limited is now one of the most advanced fleets of international mega trucks and trailers in Europe. With a portfolio of clients in a variety of industries including chemicals, plastics, automotive parts, textiles and events, the business has grown from strength to strength and in 2015 celebrated its 40th anniversary.





Brian Yeardley approached the pure technology group after the implementation of a new business strategy, aimed at driving growth over the next 5 years. The strategy included scope to upgrade the entire IT estate, ranging from endpoint replacement to a full data backup solution and increased network security. Staff needed to work remotely and attend more site visits with customers, but their existing access to company data was limited. IT management as a resource was restricted and hampered by aged equipment requiring constant maintenance. This was causing Brian Yeardley significant costs and was inefficient.


With 90% of businesses throughout the UK experiencing some form of cyber-attack in 2016, hackers are finding new ways to infiltrate business networks daily. Brian Yeardley wished to tighten up its IT defences but also implement a solution that would stay up-to-date and protect it against evolving threats.




The pure technology group worked alongside Brian Yeardley to develop a bespoke security solution that utilised a 3-tier security model, protecting them against e-mail, web and endpoint threats. New hardware benefitting from virtualisation was designed to equip Brian Yeardley with a hybrid cloud environment, providing secure remote access for eligible employees to work from anywhere.


With a support contract in place, Brian Yeardley can now operate worry-free. pure technology group service desk and engineers are available to help manage and maintain all of the new equipment installed, granting Brian Yeardley the freedom of a managed it environment and the time to concentrate on their business.


Extensive testing was carried out on all hardware and software solutions to eliminate any errors before introducing staff to the new platform.


Training was also provided to ensure that staff were able to use the new line of business applications installed, whilst efficiently migrating their data to the cloud. This gave Brian Yeardley the ability to continue its day-to-day operations during this process, ensuring cash and workflow were unaffected.



“The pure technology group allowed us to focus on what we do best, giving us peace of mind and a more efficient way of operating. The company can now feel safe from the threat of cyber-attacks and continue to do business stressfree. I can’t thank pure technology group enough for their dedication, developing a solution tailored to our specification and delivered ahead of schedule”
Kevin Hopper Managing Director, Brian Yeardley





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