Established for over 50 years and listed as one of the top 50 insurance brokers in the UK, Swinton Insurance is Britain’s biggest high street insurance broker with over 585 branches throughout the country.

With more than 3,000 staff and 2.5 million policies handled each year, Swinton branches rely heavily on their IT infrastructure. It is essential that its IT is fast, responsive and reliable, to facilitate its service and reputation.




Swinton required an entire IT refresh that included ‘future-proof’ hardware to handle its growing business demands. The use of aged hardware was beginning to impact efficiency, increasing the processing times for policies. Within a defined budget, it was essential that the solution would meet criteria and maximise investment. In addition, with branches across the country, Swinton required the installation to be carefully coordinated and completed simultaneously across all branches within a short timescale, to minimise downtime and ensure that day-to-day operations continued without disruption.




Through a strong relationship with HP, the pure technology group developed a tailor made solution which included 2,500 endpoints. The device imaging was carried out in coordination with Swinton's IT departments and was deployed to all branches and specialist call centres in Halifax, Manchester and Norwich.

With custom built HP desktops, Swinton is now able to process policies, produce quotes and deliver expertise faster than ever. With the facility to upgrade the hardware at its own pace and new IT resources at hand to improve business performance, Swinton has the capability to continue its growth and work
towards achieving its goal of becoming the best insurance broker in Britain. As part of the refresh, the pure technology group ethically disposed of all old equipment and recycled all of Swinton’s old hardware meeting the company’s requirement on reducing its carbon footprint.



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