Founded in 1946, JCT600 is one of the UK’s largest and most highly respected motor retailers. The business represents 18 of the world’s most iconic brands at 50 locations throughout Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and the North East. Yet despite the scale of the business now, with an annual turnover in excess of £1bn, the Vision remains the same as it’s always been – ‘not to be the biggest, just the best!'



JCT600’s IT team began to face issues with the procurement and delivery of IT after the opening of several new sites. This was affecting the continuous operation of their dealership estate and potentially delaying service to customers. Dealing with numerous suppliers was becoming more time consuming to manage and track orders. This resulted in increased administration for the business, having to manually locate goods and process purchase requests from various suppliers. The prices of goods were also beginning to fluctuate making budgeting difficult to control. 


Other issues, including goods not arriving on time, impacted JCT600’s ability to meet deadlines. Inconsistent service from suppliers also meant that IT Engineers were unaware of which goods were on-site. Without centralised control, this could affect customer satisfaction levels and the reputation of the business as a whole.


The pure technology group provided such a solid solution for our IT Engineers. We’re now able to provide a much more efficient service to our customers and at a reduced cost.
Chris Gensmantel, Head of IT, JCT600



The pure technology group allocated an experienced, dedicated Account Manager to fully manage JCT600’s procurement requirements, reducing the internal resource required to manage the process. Relationships with global vendors provided JCT600 with special bid pricing, allowing them to maximise their budget and achieve lower prices.

The pure technology group procurement team also provided a bespoke SMS service which informed IT Engineers by text message when goods arrived on-site and where they had been delivered to. Stock is now held on call-off in local warehouses facilitating call-off by JCT600 enabling rapid deployment and continual replenishment.