I have recently attended the Huawei eco-Connect Europe conference in Paris, the theme of which was ‘Shape the cloud’.  Speakers included industry leaders, academics and technology gurus from around the globe, there to discuss and explore future technologies and new business models that are currently driving ‘Digital Transformation’.


Key note speeches included the Portuguese Secretary of State for Industry, Intel, SAP, HSBS and DHL.  All featured a common message; making IT more user centric and, as featured in the pure technology group strategy, the ‘world of many clouds’ for delivery of services and applications.


It was reassuring to hear such eminent speakers supporting our message that multiple SaaS, PaaS and IaaS will be used by many organisations.  At a time when the use of public cloud is increasing, so is the use of private cloud.  We’re well placed to offer ‘many clouds’ and more importantly, offer the support that many companies require to enable them to make best use of these technologies.




Organisations such as DHL and HSBC talked about the changes that they were making to allow IT to adapt to the way people work and not the other way around.  DHL are using Google glass and automated trollies to assist their staff in the order picking process.  Google Glass replaces the tablet or handheld device detailing which product to pick.  The technology displays the picking list and item location in the direct line of sight of the operator.  Automation allows a full trolley to be driven straight to the dispatch area whilst an empty unit continues following the human operator.  HSBC have a huge team of developers engaged on ways to improve financial transactions.  Mobility is now a work-style preference rather than a device to work.


The work that Huawei and companies such as Veolia are doing around ‘connected cities’ was impressive and ground-breaking.  I could write an entire piece just on this one subject.  In France and China, Veolia are making control centers an integral part of its operations.  They provide local government, industrial companies and the consumer with real-time information of services in their area.  The digital solution uses Urban Pulse applications for city dwellers, Urban Board for politicians and Urban Hypervision for services managers.


The final session of the conference surrounded the new video conferencing products that Huawei are producing.  (Soon to be seen in a board room near you!)  A conference of people from across the world, including two unsuspecting tourists underneath the Eiffel Tower were joined together to demonstrate the performance and power of the new TE10 and TE20 video conferencing units.  As far as live demos go it wasn’t too bad – even if the tourists didn’t speak English or Chinese and so didn’t understand what was going on!  We’ll have more news on demo capabilities in the next few weeks but you will be able to see the new VC tech shortly in our premises and on the web.


I’ve been to similar events hosted by other technology giants but Huawei is hugely impressive and I’m glad we are one of their major partners in the UK.