pure technology group provides consultancy to Polypal on IT strategy development and is fully responsible for implementing that strategy.  Secure and effective data back-up is a critical part of that strategy.


Before purebackup 


Prior to the purebackup install, Polypal used traditional LTO tape backup. Dave McQueen, Polypal’s Managing Director, advised that this presented them with a number of problems.


Our system had outgrown the capacity of our tapes, therefore archiving in safe storage became unmanageable and expensive. Also, the reliability of the tapes decreased with age. When we needed to restore, the process was inefficient and we didn’t have the same range of backup points.
Dave McQueen, Managing Director, Polypal




pure technology group guided Polypal through a range of options including a tape autoloader, server replication and several types of backup software. purebackup, powered by Asigra, stood out as the best option.


As Dave says: “With the industry now firmly adopting cloud backup systems, I couldn’t see any benefit in investing in yesterday’s technology.  I felt sure our budget would be far better spent on purebackup; a future-proofed solution that brings modern benefits to the table.”


purebackup in practice


“pure technology group was great during the consultation process and their team did all the legwork.  Once in place, it wasn’t long before we needed to call on purebackup to restore a critical file – a drawing that one of our team had deleted in error.  Within minutes of calling support, the file was restored to its original directory, saving us hours of remedial work.”


purebackup produces daily, weekly and monthly snapshots and Polypal now has incremental backup covering the entire year.


With an up-to-date, reliable and secure backup being stored at pure technology group’s multiple UK datacentres, Polypal’s business-critical data is safe and secure.