With 11 offices throughout Yorkshire and over 250 employees, Switalskis Solicitors is one of the largest legal firms in Yorkshire.


Given their scale, Switalskis is able to offer a wide spectrum of legal services and is a renowned practice, having won multiple awards, including Yorkshire Law Firm of the Year (three times) and Personal Injury Team of the Year.


Switalskis has recently gone through considerable growth through acquisition.  As a customer of pure technology group for over 15 years, they consulted the group to make plans for the future of their IT systems.



Richard Shore, IT Director at Switalskis, said “We knew that merging the IT systems of multiple legal firms into one was going to be a challenge.  We wanted to ensure flexibility within our central systems to make sure they were scalable and ready for a large increase in people.”


After attending one of the pure technology groups’ IT cloud seminars, Richard decided that cloud computing was the most appropriate option.  “We were initially looking at a replacement on-premise solution, but we realised that scaling the company in a short space of time would render it unfit for purpose very quickly.”


Richard added, "We needed a solution that not only scaled with us but seamlessly integrated new legal software as we developed. Cloud fitted the bill perfectly, and with several other legal companies already using it, we were confident that the model was right"


Cloud was able to provide Switalskis with a system that was expandable to whatever limits were required.  The subscription billing model is simple and avoids financing unnecessary spare capacity whilst removing the limits inherent with on-premise hardware. 


Richard added, “the engineering team at pure technology group has been excellent throughout, both in the migration and the ongoing running and development of systems.  For example, we have a security policy which requires staff to only be able to print to printers within their own office. Cloud has the facility to allow printing to printers in any office regardless of user location, which is useful for many companies.  For us, however, we wanted to avoid confidential documents being accidentally printed elsewhere.”


“There was a bug in Citrix software, which limited this, so the team at pure technology group did two things: they used their strong relationship with Citrix to escalate the issue to Citrix’s Global Development Team, who subsequently released a global patch to resolve the issue.  In the interim, Sam, Senior Engineer, wrote a custom script that fixed the issue.  We were very impressed with the technical capabilities of the engineering teams and the lengths they went to in order to resolve our issues. They really do work hard.”


I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending cloud to any other legal firm, or any company for that matter
Richard Shore, IT Director, Switalskis


With over 2000 active users and built on an ultra-fast all-SSD platform, it’s one of the fastest and most robust cloud offerings available today. Cloud enables customers to access their full IT systems from anywhere, all with the assurance of world-class security.


The pure technology group is renowned for its exceptional service and technical pedigree, with a consistently high 99.7% customer satisfaction rate. Cloud is wholly-owned, based in 3 UK datacentres and managed by a team renowned for strong technical expertise.


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