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purevr offers the best Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality solutions in the UK, bringing innovative, disruptive enterprise-ready solutions to market to aid and enhance how companies work currently.



hyperVSN (made in the UK) is the ultimate turn-key solution for creating, managing and displaying your unique 3D visuals with a holographic effect. hyperVSN is a unique combination of high-tech projection units and a smart content management platform, both working together to create an immersive visual experience.

Microsoft HoloLens

The Microsoft HoloLens is a holographic computer built into a headset that lets you see, hear, and interact with holograms within any environment. HoloLens is a self-contained all-in-one unit that does not require additional computing hardware to function. Using high-definition lenses and spatial sound technology HoloLens creates an immersive, interactive Augmented Reality experience.

Toshiba dynaEdge

The Toshiba dynaEge is a high-performance Windows 10-based mobile edge computing device, which works alongside a companion pair of Assisted Reality AR100 Viewer smart glasses. Designed to bring hands-free wearable working to the enterprise, dynaEdge enables large enterprises to improve efficiency, quality of performance and operating flexibility in a constantly evolving working environment.


Limited only by your imagination; we’ve developed our own VR platform to create bespoke virtual and augmented reality content on iOS or Android for training and induction solutions.

Downloadable on almost any phone, tablet or headset – the app offers a completely customisable, innovative and interactive experience.

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