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We live in a world of many clouds, where everything is connected and it needs to be secure.

pureIoT is the combination of multiple solutions, vendors and service providers to provide IoT services with real-world benefits. pureIoT includes ‘pre-packaged’ solutions in addition to bespoke development services, wrapped within the trusted PTG services for design, deployment and support.


smart parking

The SMART Parking package provides accurate information to assist with the monitoring of parking space occupancy.

Collect information to obtain summaries about total space utilisation, average use and peak times to help you manage your parking facility for visitors and employees.

An intelligent Parking Sensor is securely mounted to the surface of the road, instantly transmitting activity data via the IoT Gateway located in the building.

smart people / environment

The SMART People and Environment package provides accurate monitoring of people moving in a specific place plus building environmental parameters including Temperature, Humidity, Ambient light, Carbon Monoxide and sound.

Set security alerts to advise you if unexpected movement occurs. Collect data to inform and alert you when there are changes to the environmental conditions in order to provide the perfect working environment. Save money by reducing wasted energy costs, turning lights and heating off in unused areas.  

bespoke development

Bespoke development for pureIoT exists as complete customer service in order to solve unique business problems. Whilst the marketplace has 1000s of sensors and differing types of connectivity and analytics, you need a partner that can design a solution for best fit. This is where we help, from concept to deployment.

IOT Smart Spaces

efficient resource utilisation

improved productivity

enhanced customer experiences

high-quality data and analytics

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