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purebackup makes sure you’re your data is Offsite, Secure and safe. purebackup is a cloud backup service that uploads and stores your data off-site, to military encryption standards, at our UK datacentres.


autonomic healing

purebackup’s autonomic healing feature checks the consistency of your backups on a daily basis, referencing and repairing bad sectors from other copies of your data. pure technology group has a 100% recovery record from its cloud backup infrastructure, including test and live invocations.

data is critical

This is ‘fit and forget’ data protection. A local cache provides file restore in seconds, whilst your data is transmitted in deltas to multiple UK datacentres, providing complete security and peace of mind. Data in transit is encrypted to FIPS140-2 standard providing total peace of mind and security.

military grade security

FIPS 140-2 encryption is a recognised standard for the government and military, widely acknowledged as best practice. Encryption takes place before data leaves your premises, in transit and at rest and can only be unencrypted using your unique encryption keys.

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