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thermal imaging

Returning to work

As we press further towards the summer, businesses are beginning to look at what measures are going to need to be put in place to return to work safely...

PTG Teams

Same Old Scene

In the last few weeks our use of Teams has skyrocketed to become the principal method of communication. We've had some fun with it too...



Last week we visited the Dell Technologies Customer Solutions Centre in Limerick and have put together are our key takeaways from the day...


Are you ready for 5G?

Let’s start off with what we know. You cannot turn a corner without hearing about 5G, whether it is it going ‘live’ in a city near you or whether it...


G-Cloud 11

The pure technology group (PTG) is pleased to announce its successful entry onto the UK Government Crown Commercial G-Cloud...


state of the internet

Christmas season sees the largest and most profitable traders start to gear up for the biggest sales season of the year. Online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and...