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The simplest way to protect your business

It’s a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if’

Cyber security issues are becoming a day-to-day struggle for businesses. The average time to identify a breach in 2020 was 280 days* - therefore it’s critical that organisations take cyber security seriously and invest in advanced measures that extend well beyond traditional perimeter defences.

Our tiered security model

Tier 1 - Cloud AV-AS-CC-DDOS

Protection before your on-site network

Protection before your on-site network Cloud security protects you from threats BEFORE your perimeter. It provides you with protection from zero-day attacks, denial-of-service attacks and maximises bandwidth.

Tier 2 - Perimeter firewall - proxy CC-IPS-IDS

Protection at the perimeter of the network

Traditional firewall technology with proxy to avoid unwanted content and prevent attacks against the network. Examples of attacks can be hacking, intrusion and malware

Tier 3 - Endpoint AV-AS-MFA DLP, encryption and MDM

Protection at the end of the network

Security for computers/devices (Endpoints). This stops vulnerabilities outside of the network. This includes on-demand scanning and protection against threats transmitted by removable media.

Our tiered security approach uses technologies from leading security vendors and providers to minimise threat, from the cloud through to endpoint device – helping you safeguard your systems, data and people. Beyond that we have a number of managed cyber security services which are designed to help you identify, mitigate and pro-actively defend against security risks and attacks.

Penetration Testing & Assessments

Penetration Testing & Assessments

We identify any weaknesses and vulnerabilities across your IT environment making sure your defences are strengthened against attack helping to mitigate any risk
Tiered Security

Tiered Security

Cloud, Firewall and Endpoint protection - our proven tiered security model puts the necessary control measures in place to help secure your organisation and negate attacks, including zero-day threats
User Awareness Training

User Awareness Training

We’ll help you embed a strong culture of cyber awareness with tailored security training and phishing simulation ensuring your staff are the first line of defence

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